Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Hello there, I'm Carol, the creator of U-Turn The Earth and the main article writer for this website. I started this project because I wanted to provide accessible reads on various topics that relate to our precious environment. This is just an outlet that I use to express my love for our planet, and I hope that the enthusiasm I infuse into my journal articles is effectively communicated to you. Thank you again for visiting U-Turn The Earth and I hope that you will stop by again sometime soon!

Hi! I’m Lauren, a pop-up writer for the “U-Turn The Earth” website. I found my passion and interest in saving the marine environment, and have decided to contribute articles here once every two months! I write to inform the readers, but most importantly, to uprise attentive news to all people. Our planet is your planet. Your planet is home to abiotic and biotic aspects! With 7 billion people on Earth, I believe a change can be composed. Visit here often, and thank you for your time to sincerely u-turn the Earth!

Hi! I'm Nicole, also a pop up writer for "U-Turn the Earth." I just really love science in general (especially biology) and want to contribute to this website's mission - to bring awareness to our beautiful Earth. There are many environmental topics, such as climate change, that already receive widespread coverage, but there are plenty of others that aren't as popular but still have a major impact on our planet. So, thank you for checking out this website, learning about the Earth, and being an eco-conscious person!

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